Research Interests:

  • Food and food access, especially the food culture of Europe after the formation of the European Union; Food deserts, especially in Chicago; supermarkets and grocery stores
  • High-quality student leadership development programs, especially in the context of community service; civic engagement, especially at the university/higher education level; international study abroad and experiential education programs

Selected Research Papers:

Food and Food Access:

Green onions in a San Francisco market.

  • The Impact of the European Union’s Food Policies on Culture: The Italian Perspective (June 2006)
  • Integration Through the Supermarket: Food and the European Union (March 2007)
  • The Changing Role of Agricultural Production in the Industrial Revolution (March 2008)
  • San Francisco Sourdough: How the Bay Area Environment Contributed to the Formation of a Legend (March 2009)
  • The Management of Wine Production in France: The Common Market Organization for Wine (March 2009)

Higher Education:

  • University Presidents and Campus Efforts in Civic Engagement (December 2009)
  • The Implications of a Social Justice Agenda in Higher Education (December 2009)
  • High-Quality Leadership Development Programs in Higher Education (May 2010)

BA Thesis:

  • And Then there Were Ten: The Disappearance of Grocery Stores from the Woodlawn Neighborhood of Chicago (April 2009)


  • The Status of Frisians of the Northwest Netherlands as a Minority Group (March 2008)

For information on any of these papers or about my research in general, please don't hesitate to contact me. The above papers may be used for informational or research purposes with proper citations. If you use my research, I would be most happy to read your paper.

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